Bark scorpions are not overly friendly creatures. These scorpions, native of Arizona can live for up to 6 years. Some people react badly to bark scorpion stings, which can require a hospital visit. Clearing your home, garage, and other spaces of these unwanted visitors can be challenging, but these common, inexpensive methods work well.

Removing Hiding Places

Bark scorpions come in from the great outdoors, so make sure the area around your house does not offer them any hiding places. The stack of leftover bricks from your home remodel needs to go. Clean up piles of debris and make sure that anything you need to keep”for example, your stack of firewood”is treated for scorpions. You can also improve the situation by moving firewood farther from your house.

UV Light

Bark scorpions glow under ultraviolet light. You can use a black-light bulb or UV flashlight to find the creatures, especially at night, the time when they are most active. Shine your light in cracks and crevasses along with corners. Scorpions like dark, tight spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Look in stacked firewood and piles of rocks and other debris.

Diatomaceous Earth

The food-grade version of this powdery substance is safe to use around pets and children. In fact, some people drink small amounts mixed with water or juice. When bark scorpions and other creatures crawl across DE, however, they die. A 50-pound bag of DE, liberally scattered around your home’s foundation, can deter a lot of bark scorpions.

Glue Traps

Glue traps are good for catching lots of pests, including mice and roaches along with bark scorpions. Set up these traps in tight areas, like corners, and check them regularly. You can shop online for bulk packs of unassembled traps. They do not take long to put together and, if you catch lots of pests, you will need to swap them out often.

Steel Wool

Use steel wool, which you can buy at paint or hardware stores, to block cracks and other, tight spaces. Bark scorpions and other pests squeeze through very-small spots, but hate steel wool. Wear gloves to avoid scratching or poking your fingers and hands. Check the steel wool on a fairly regular basis to make sure it is still in place.

Caulk and Other Sealants

Older homes are more likely to have lots of cracks and other gaps between the outside and inside. Sealing off these entrances can help keep scorpions outside. A contractor can help you figure out what kind of sealant works best on your home, as each situation is different.

Pesticides are also good options. A pest control company can apply commercial-grade pesticides that you can not buy. Alternatively, you can find good products at the hardware store. While you temporarily solve your bark scorpion problem, you can put the other measures into effect. That way, you drastically reduce the number of new bark scorpions that will come into your home when the pesticide wears off.

Most of the listed approaches take some time to implement, but as a Phoenix-based pest control company, we can guarantee they are worth the effort if you have been overrun by bark scorpions. Their stings are not pleasant and, because they are more aggressive creatures, simply avoiding them is not always possible.