It does not matter that they eat other bugs “common house spiders are just plain nasty! A lot of people agree with this statement and also agree that spiders should not be anywhere near their homes – outside in the bushes maybe, but never inside.

If you have a whole heap of spiders in your home, then, thankfully, there is a solution for you! Below are some of the easiest ways to kick spiders out of your home and into the garden where they belong (and where they will be more helpful).


The most effective (and thankfully also the easiest) way to control spider populations inside of your home is by vacuuming frequently! Vacuuming everywhere, but especially in corners and cracks, is a great way to suck up and remove these spindly-legged creatures. Common house spiders often lay their eggs in the cracks around houses and sucking these eggs up is one of the best ways to take care of your spider problem.

Plug Up

Spiders have to get into your house somehow and they usually do this by crawling in through tiny holes and cracks around the edges of your home. Plug up even the tiniest of these holes and you will notice an immediate drop in the amount of these pests.

Trim Bushes

Any bushes or shrubbery around your home acts as a place for common house spiders to hide. A great way to keep them out of your house is by trimming the bushes and shrubs that are closest to your house. As long as the bushes do not touch your house, you should be fine. Cleaning up any vegetation that is on the ground near the outside walls of your home is a smart idea as well.

Spider Spray

There are a dozen of types of spider sprays out there. Many of these sprays will do a fine job in killing spiders, but they should be used with caution. It is important to read the safety information on the back because some of these sprays are potentially hazardous to kids and small pets. If you do decide to use a pest control spray, then follow the instructions carefully and remember that sprays can be great short-term fixes, but they do not always keep common house spiders away in the long run.

If you follow these easy instructions, then your spider problem should gradually disappear. Most common house spiders are harmless, but there are a few species of poisonous spiders whose removal will require the help of a local pest control company. These species are native to the Southwest, so you should only worry about them if you live there. Otherwise, it should be easy to turn your house from a haven of creepy-crawlers into a spider-free zone!