One of the biggest fears when traveling is that you will get bed bugs. While you can control many different pests at home, there isn’t a lot you can do when you are traveling and choosing a hotel. You can do your research and make sure no previous guests leave reviews about bed bugs, but after that, you are trusting the hotel to inspect their rooms and beds and ensure these pesky blood-sucking insects are nowhere to be found. When you are traveling, it is important that you follow these tips to avoid bed bugs and keep from bringing them home with you.

Check Reviews Before Booking a Hotel

Make sure you are doing your best to avoid a hotel known for bed bugs. Check reviews of a hotel before booking, but make sure you check the date of the review. A hotel with one guest claiming there were bed bugs three years ago may not be an issue today. However, if you find a hotel that has multiple claims of bed bugs in the last few weeks or months, it is a reason to reconsider that hotel. Read reviews with a grain of salt, however. Look for proof of the bed bugs, such as checking sites like Yelp where the reviewers post pictures of the bed bug evidence.

Ask to See the Room First

Every time you arrive at a hotel, ask to see the room first before paying for it. This is a service provided by many hotels, where you can investigate the room and check the mattresses before paying for your stay. Other hotels will want you to book the room first, but give you 15 minutes or so to check the room and ask to change rooms or get a refund if you are not happy with the accommodations. If this is the case, leave your luggage in the car and see the room first. Check the mattress, bedding, flooring, and walls for signs of bed bugs. You are looking for small reddish-brown bugs or small drops of blood.

Know How to Pack Properly

Be smart when you are packing for your trip. Choose a suitcase with a hard shell instead of one with fabric. If it has a lot of creases, you are giving the bed bugs a place to hide. Even if you searched the room and didn’t find bed bugs, there might have been some hidden, that have decided to hitch a ride in your suitcase. Aside from the right suitcase, also pack all items in the suitcase in plastic bags that can be sealed. This includes shoes, clothing, and other personal items. If you find bed bugs in your bags, you can pull the items out and know they are protected. When you get to the hotel room, always keep the luggage on a table, counter top, or the luggage cart. Never leave it sitting on the floor or on a bed or sofa.

Inspect Luggage Before Leaving

When leaving the hotel room, make sure you inspect your luggage thoroughly, especially if you don’t have a hard-shelled suitcase. Look on the inside and outside, checking closely in any creases and crevices. These are the places these pesky pets are bound to hide. You may want to check with a flashlight in case they are hiding in corners and hard to spot.

With these tips, you will be able to avoid a hotel with bed bugs, but also prevent the risk of bringing them home with you if there were some bugs hiding in the room. Remember to report any bugs to the front desk not only so you can move rooms, but so they can take care of the problem before other guests encounter the same issue. Worried you brought some home with you? Do not hesitate to contact us to help you get rid of them!