As the days get warmer and the nights get longer, you will probably be spending a lot more time in the great outdoors. There is nothing like the abundant summer sunshine and the fun of vacationing in your own backyard, but if you are not careful you could find some unwanted pests in your home.

Summertime is prime time for household guests, from mosquitoes and biting flies to ants and stink bugs. If you would rather not share your summer fun with those pests, now is the time to prepare. Here are some tips you can use to keep your summer as pest-free as possible.

9 Top Tips To Keep Pests Away

  •  Look for and remove standing water around your property. Mosquitoes and other summer bugs can breed and thrive in even small amounts of standing water.
  • Seal your windows AC units tightly to avoid unwanted house-guests. Flies and other pests can get through even the smallest openings.
  • Experiment with different kinds of bug repellents until you find the one that works best for you. Everyone is different, and a bug spray that works well for one person may be wholly ineffective on the next.
  • Never leave food on the kitchen counter, and store leftovers in airtight plastic containers. Unattended food is like a smorgasbord for ants and other summertime critters.
  • Divert runoff away from your home. Puddles and rainwater runoff provide easy breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.
  • Check your kids (and yourself) for ticks every time you come back inside. These unwanted passengers can hitch a ride without your knowing. Be sure to check your clothes for ticks and other bugs as well.
  • Maintain your shrubbery and trim your bushes regularly. An overgrown landscape is an open invitation to summer pests.
  • Check and repair weatherstripping around your doors and windows. Make it hard for pests to get into your home.
  •  Plant mint around the perimeter of your home to deter ants. Mint is a natural ant repellent – and it smells good too.

The summer season is a great time of year. In fact, many people think it is the best time of the year, but being overrun with summertime pests can reduce your enjoyment and even put your health at risk. The tips listed above can help you prepare your home for the summer season and keep those troublesome household pests at bay. If you do find yourself with a pest problem, don’t hesitate calling us today!