Carpets provide warmth and beauty and add to a home’s value. However, carpets can contribute to health problems if not cleaned regularly. Here are some common health problems that professional carpet cleaning can minimize.

Allergies and Asthma

Dust mites, pet dander and mold spores all trigger allergies and asthma, and all accumulate in carpet fibers. They are impossible to see with the naked eye, so even though your carpets seem clean, these triggers can still lurk within. The carpeting near bathrooms and kitchens is especially prone to mold and fungus, as it is typically more humid in those areas. Professional cleaning kills mold spores and dust mites with heat, leaving the carpet dry, reducing the trigger load and making it easier to breathe.

Pollutants and Irritants

Carpets not only collect organic and inorganic irritants that cause itching and redness but chemical residues that can be harmful to your health. Particles of substances like formaldehyde, used in home-building materials, and chemical residue from aerosols, bleach and perfume can lodge in your carpet and remain there for years. Until you remove these toxic chemicals, they can irritate your respiratory tract and affect your health. A regular vacuum is unlikely to help, but a professional carpet shampoo can dislodge these particles and remove pollutants.

Carpet Pests

Carpet beetles and moths love to find their way into your home through cracks and chimneys in your house.  If you see the shed skins, fecal dots, or the bugs you will want to get rid of them right away. Otherwise, their next act will be to eat holes in your carpets and rugs. Carpet beetles can lay up to 100 eggs and cause a larger problem that just in your carpet. A professional pest control company will need to be called to rid your house of these pests.

Regular vacuuming helps reduce the dirt and dust in your carpet, but doesn’t remove everything and won’t kill mold spores, pests, or dust mites. To keep carpets free of these irritants, and to keep asthma and allergy triggers at bay, shampoo or steam clean them every six months. Professional carpet cleaning is an investment in your family’s health.