Mosquitoes can breed in any area of standing water less than 24 inches deep, and the adults transmit diseases to your family and pets. If draining the water isn’t possible, you can protect your loved ones from mosquitoes in your yard by following a few simple steps.

Install a fountain or waterfall

Mosquitoes don’t breed in moving water, so if you have a pond or other water feature in your yard, install a pump to move the water several hours a day.

Remove overhanging vegetation

Pruning branches and foliage that hang over standing water allows air and sunlight in and discourages mosquitoes.

Add mosquito-eating fish

Mosquito fish prey on mosquito larvae and reduce or eliminate infestations. Native fish such as the eastern mosquito-fish and top minnow thrive garden ponds with little care. Add one fish per two to five gallons of water. Contact your local county vector control office and ask if they provide mosquito fish free of charge.

Increase the water depth

Mosquitos prefer to breed in shallow water. Increase the depth of your pond to more than 24 inches.

Avoid using insecticides

Insecticides control insects that eat mosquito larvae, such as dragonflies. If you regularly spray your yard with insecticides, you may be making your mosquito problem worse.

Apply a mosquito larvicide

Adding a mosquito larvicide to standing water provides protection from mosquitoes for a fixed amount of time. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis is a larvicide that controls mosquitoes but does not harm beneficial insects. Float a larvicide disk on the water surface and replace it at the end of the recommended period.

Apply an insect growth regulator

Insect growth regulators interfere with the growth stages of insects. Methoprene is a common ingredient of these pesticides, which control most harmful and beneficial insects.

It should be noted that mosquito larvicides and insect growth regulators take several days to begin working, and they should never be added to water that humans may drink.

Don’t let a mosquito infestation keep you and your family indoors. You can control mosquitoes by getting the water moving, pruning vegetation, adding mosquito fish, increasing the water depth, reducing insecticide use, or using biological or chemical mosquito controls. Contact us today for a professional solution.