Dogs aren’t just faithful companions: They are bringers of wisdom. There are some things your pet pooch knows that you haven’t taken on-board, which can improve your life and make you happy.

The world is your playground

Your dog finds the environment, wherever that may be, inspiring. A discarded paper bag becomes an air-filled container, ready to chase once it’s been tossed toward the sky. Likewise, a beetle crawling along a pavement provides hours of amusement.

You don’t have to start playing with rubbish or watching bugs like your dog, but you can begin to see the world differently. Instead of going through the day without thinking about your surroundings, widen your vision, look around you, and recognize infinite possibilities abound.

Even rainy days are fun

Dogs don’t usually care about the weather, providing it isn’t extreme. Come rain or shine, they are ready to play and make the most of any├é┬áopportunity to have fun. Puddles are worth jumping in, and sunbathing is free.

How often have you looked out the window and grimaced because there’s a downpour? Like many people, you might put too much emphasis on the weather. While rain might stop play occasionally, often, you can choose to have fun despite showers.

Exercise is brilliant

Unless overweight, because of humans feeding them too much, or old age, dogs love to run and jump. Exercising is normal, and they don’t waste a chance to stretch their legs and dash around happily.

You might not perceive exercise as your dog does. Perhaps it’s a chore, a strain, or something you hate doing. Learn to love stretching and moving your body for fun, and you’ll find working out pleasurable.

Relaxing is awesome

Dogs enjoy relaxing big-time. They lay back with an expression of bliss, making the most of any chance to snooze. They can rest anywhere; under tables, behind chairs, or in the middle of a shopping precinct.

You might think you relax, after all, you go to bed don’t you? However, rest as often as your dog, which happens on and off throughout the day, and you’ll feel calm and peaceful because you’ll release anxiety before it builds into significant stress.

A Routine is best

Most dogs naturally love routine behavior. They like knowing what’s expected of them and when certain activities will happen. They may enjoy the occasional surprise, like unexpected visitors arriving, but mostly they are happiest when they have a daily regimen.

Although spontaneity can be great, you’ll find having a few routines will help you feel secure, grounded, and calm. You’ll adopt new habits easily if you make them part of a routine you already follow, and you’ll carry out tasks quickly and efficiently if you do them often.

There are times when your dog knows best. From exploring and playing to exercising, relaxing, and having a regular routine, your pooch understands how to enjoy life.