As a Fountain Hills pest control company, we know quite a bit about the bugs and insects you see around your house. But did you know some of these facts?  We’ve rounded up our favorite quirky facts about all sorts of insects and bugs for your knowledge.
Unusual Insect Facts

There will be a mild winter if you see caterpillars in the fall.
A bad storm is on the way if you see a spider dismantling its web. They only do this if the weather is going to be very severe.
The milkweed is the only host plant used by the Monarch butterfly to lay its eggs.
Dragonflies live only 24 hours and can fly 60 miles per hour at top speed.
Snails can sleep for up to 3 years without once eating or ingesting liquid.
There are 250,000 to 300,000 fire ants in one colony. Queen fire ants lay up to 2,000 eggs daily and can live up to seven years. Only one queen survives a hatch. The first queen to emerge kills all the other queens while they are still in development. She spends her entire life in isolation, except for the few moments it takes her to mate, which is done while flying.
The only cricket that can chirp is an adult male.
The blood of insects is yellow.
A black widow spider’s venom is more potent than the venom of a rattlesnake.
Over 900,000 species of insects are known to man.
If you eat bananas, mosquitoes are more likely to be attracted to you.
How many of those quirky insect facts were you aware of? Make a night out of it with your own trivia game!

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