Weird as it may seem, these little creatures actually glow in the dark! Scorpions have a fluorescent chemical in their cuticle and will glow when exposed to ultraviolet light (a black light). Now, what other pet comes with that kind of distinctive feature?

That’s impressive, but can you really have a scorpion as a pet? You can! Although some people will argue that scorpions are more of a hobby than a pet, scorpions are fast becoming a popular choice for pet owners who are looking for something unique.

Scorpions As Pets?

Scorpions are related to the spider family. While their sting can be painful, very few scorpions are actually dangerous to humans. However, if you’re normally allergic to bee and wasp stings, then a scorpion may not be the pet for you. Since you can’t de-stinger a scorpion, you have to obviously exercise some care in their handling. This is one pet that’s not recommended to be let loose in the house, or allowed to freely walk across your shoulders.

With an average lifespan of three to five years, an adult scorpion will grow to be about two to five inches long. Pet scorpions are inexpensive to buy, easy to feed, and don’t require a lot of maintenance and care. They don’t need much exercise and can be kept quite comfortably in a smaller terrarium, or aquarium. Along with a place to hide, give the scorpion’s habitat some artificial heat and light and you’re all set.

A scorpion goes through a moulting process where they shed an outer skeleton that supports and protects the scorpion’s body. During this moulting time, the exoskeleton is soft and the scorpion is very susceptible to injury. Centipedes, spiders, crickets, and even other scorpions will make up this pet’s diet. A larger scorpion may feed on small lizards, snakes, and even mice.

Scorpions As Pets!

The one scorpion most often found as a pet comes with a very impressive name: The Imperial Black Emperor, or African Emperor Scorpion. Shiny black and about the size of your palm, this scorpion is quite imposing. But it’s one of the easiest for a beginner to take care of.

A scorpion is not usually associated with being a good pet, but if you’re looking for one that’s interesting and unique, a scorpion makes an excellent choice. And always remember that scorpions are exceptional climbers, so make sure you’re aware of where your pet is located when you open the lid of its home.