Many allergies are caused or aggravated by sensitivity to dust mites and molds. Standard cleaning practices are not sufficient to destroy these dangerous organisms, and many people are reluctant to use chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners can be dangerous to human health. Additionally, they can be quite expensive.

However, it is possible to get rid of dust mites and molds in a harmless and economical way by using steam vapor cleaners. Here are a few reasons why steam cleaners are beneficial.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

  • These cleaners have a heating unit built into them. The unit converts ordinary tap water into steam. The steam is then released through the cleaning head.
  • The steam is able to penetrate deep into the pile of carpets, rugs and mats, and other fabrics. Harmful organisms are destroyed by the high-temperature steam, making steam vapor cleaners one of the most effective ways to eliminate health problems associated with the organisms. The hot steam also destroys mite eggs and mold spores.
  • Another benefit you get from using steam vapor cleaners is that the steam evaporates almost immediately. This leaves the cleaned surfaces dry after cleaning. Both dust mites and molds thrive in humid conditions. Since many solution-based cleaning methods leave carpets and other fabrics damp for several hours after cleaning, they are actually creating a perfect environment for these organisms to reproduce.

What Should I Steam Clean?

Steam cleaners are suitable for most carpets and fabrics, and they can also be used on other surfaces, including wood, aluminum, ceramic and stone. They are great for shifting ground-in dirt in small cracks and crevices, or in natural recesses like the spacing between tiles. They are also excellent at penetrating porous substances such as grout.

The most popular steam cleaners look very like traditional vacuum cleaners. You fill the water container in the body of the cleaner, connect to the power supply, and then clean just as you would with a vacuum cleaner.

You do need to exercise a little caution when using steam vapor cleaners. The steam that is emitted is at a very high temperature. It can cause severe scalding if it comes in contact with the skin.

Numerous research projects have taken place to monitor the effectiveness of steam in getting rid of pests like dust mites. It is clear from these projects that steam cleaning can eliminate all dust mites in carpets. Since steam also kills any mite eggs present, it increases the time between re-infections.