Termites are incredibly proficient at gaining access to your home. Even the smallest crevice can give them unwanted access and the last thing you want to do is make their job easier. Luckily, there are ways to prevent termites in Phoenix homes and buildings.


Always ensure that drain spouts and air conditioner drainage lines flow away from exterior walls and the foundation. Also, use splash blocks to stop soil erosion around the foundation. Additionally, ensure sprinklers are adjusted to spray away from the house. Water flowing toward the house is an invitation for termites to enter.



Move woodpiles away to prevent invasion of termites in Phoenix Mulch provides food for hungry termites and water in the form of moisture and irrigation. The rule of thumb is to keep mulch no closer than six inches from the foundation. You do not need to eliminate mulch completely but just move it away from the foundation. There are new rubber mulches available in the market that have the same appearance and gardening perks without inviting termites. Also, always prune shrubs and trees away from the foundation and exterior walls so that termites do not leave the branches and attach to the house.



The majority of termites build colonies and elaborate tunnels up to three feet below the surface. Termites typically create mud tubes leading from the colonies into your home. To prevent colonies from forming, never bury scrap wood in your yard, clear away decaying vegetation immediately and move mulch from touching the foundation.



Repairing leaking sinks to prevent termites in areas of high moisture is a breeding ground for termites as it creates the perfect environment for their survival. To prevent an infestation, always repair water-damaged walls and leaks in the attic, bathroom, roof, and sink. This will remove their natural environment making it a less appealing location to inhabit.

Similarly, gutters are critical to keeping water flowing away from the house. Any build-up or clog can back up the water and cause it to enter the house. By keeping the gutters free-flowing, you are preventing water damage which eliminates the ideal termite environment.



Now, there is no termite repellant that will keep them away. The best prevention to keep termites in Phoenix away is to deny them a point of access. Therefore, you must seal cracks or holes in the foundation and schedule a yearly termite home inspection which can save your home through early detection. If there are no termites in your home, a professional can offer additional recommendations for future prevention.