You know the saying “April showers bring May Flowers?” Not only does the rain bring flowers and revitalize plants, but it also attracts a few pests that could do some serious damage to your home. In this week’s article, we’re going to break down the most common spring pests in Arizona.


These insects become a problem in the mid to late spring but continue throughout the summer. Bee attacks in Arizona have seemed to become more and more frequent in recent years.

These attacks are caused by the Africanized Honeybees here in Arizona that are known to be very territorial and aggressive, with little to no provocation. It is important to know what to do, should you find yourself in the middle of a bee attack. Use caution and stay on the lookout in trees and bushes where a colony resides.

Cummings Termite and Pest bee extraction experts will assess the situation and advise you of the best plan of action.

Due to the extreme danger to our technician, and the fact the only way to determine if bees are Africanized would be to get attacked, we kill and remove the hive. We are cognizant of the enormous role bees play in our food source, but risking an attack and potential allergic reaction from our clients or co-workers is too large a risk to take.

Based on the location of the hive it may be recommended to remove the entire hive and post-treat the area to remove pheromones that may attract stragglers back to the same location. Most importantly, DO NOT attempt to remove the hive yourself.

Learn more about bees by click here.


There are 40 known species of ants living in Arizona. These little pests are scavengers and can destroy a fun family picnic in no time at all! Native Fire Ants more specifically possess a powerful sting and should be avoided by people and pets.

Since their attraction to food is so strong, within a matter of minutes of spilling food or a drink on the floor, you could find yourself with a collection of ants that was not there just a few minutes prior.

While these tiny pests have food on their minds, they do have a painful little bite! Take precautions to keep food, drinks and other items such as a dog or cat food picked up and stored away, so ants will pass on your house.

If you are facing an ant problem, call Cummings Termite and Pest for a comprehensive and proven method of killing ants and keeping them out of your home and yard.

Check out this link for more information on Ants.



Cockroaches will avoid homes that have been treated for pests; but those that have not, are prime targets. Once they are inside, they will munch down on any and everything. German cockroaches produce a large number of eggs per ootheca (about 35 eggs) and they undergo the shortest time from hatching until sexual maturity, resulting in a rapid population growth. Our suggestion is to get your home treated, especially before monsoon season sets in.

At Preventive we have developed a multi-pronged approach dedicated to eliminating cockroaches from your home. Our initial service includes vacuuming hot spots (under and behind the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher) to kill active roaches and remove oothecae (egg sacs) treating inside plumbing voids and under appliances with the latest products and techniques.



Termites are considered Arizona’s number one urban pest. As a homeowner, you may encounter termites. The saying “there are two types of homes in Arizona, those with termites and those that will get termites” is very accurate in our great state.

You might be asking yourself why should you worry about termites? The answer is pretty clear. In the city of Phoenix and the surrounding area termites are prevalent. They are found in homes in all parts of the state. Each year termites cost the residents of Arizona millions of dollars. Our focus is on helping you save your home.

Cummings Termite and Pest offers a non-destructive method to deliver termite treatment that is incredibly effective. By using this method exclusively, your home will be protected by a product with a proven track record.


Spiders will often be attracted to wherever many bugs live. Houses that have a lot of light may see an increase in spiders in their home and area. Some of these arachnids may cause major skin damage with a bite.

Arizona is home to a number of non-poisonous spiders; however, the Brown Recluse and Black Widow species are both dangerous. If you think you have been bitten by either of these spiders seek medical advice promptly. Always wear proper clothing and gloves when doing yard work, be very careful moving piles of debris and don’t grab where you can’t see.


The Arizona Bark Scorpion is the most poisonous scorpion in North America, making the Bark Scorpion a serious safety concern for Arizona residents. We’ve heard of scorpions spotted in beds, drawers, under countertops, in toy bins, under cribs, on ceilings, and so many other places.

If you have ever been stung by a scorpion, you know the pain they can cause. In young children or elderly people, they can cause much more than pain, an agonizing scorpion sting can cause severe physical symptoms and in extreme cases, it can potentially even be fatal.

Our regularly scheduled services will eliminate the scorpion food source from around your home, the first step to controlling scorpions.


As a homeowner in Arizona, we know how much you value and take pride in your homes. There are a lot of things to consider and worry about as a homeowner. You remodel the home, decorate it, live in it and raise your family there. The last thing you want to worry about is pest control.

However, if you find the signs of mice or rats, or you see spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs or any other kind of Arizona pest, then you need to contact the exterminator nearby to get the job done fast and done right. Fortunately, for Arizona homeowners, this means Cummings Termite and Pest is there to help and they will find the pests, remove infestations, and help prevent returns.