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Ants: 3 Ways To Keep Them Out!

Nobody likes ants roaming around their home. They get into cupboards, they wander around kitchen counter tops looking for little tidbits, and after scavenging in the grime under the fridge they decide it’s time to walk all over your freshly made sandwiches. Most people get rid of these pesky little visitors by spraying them with … Continue reading “Ants: 3 Ways To Keep Them Out!”

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5 Natural Ways to Stop Winged Ants

Dealing with winged ants in or around your home’s exterior? Worried warmer weather will bring more of these pesky insects inside your home? While booking an appointment with a reliable pest control company is advisable if you have an ant infestation, there are easy ways you can prevent an infestation in the first place. Check … Continue reading “5 Natural Ways to Stop Winged Ants”