Cockroach Control

Treatment for Cockroaches

Our service technicians have both the training and the first-hand experience to correctly identify different types of cockroaches. Properly identifying the roach species is the first step in locating nesting sites and effectively treating the infestation.

Once our service technicians determine what kind (or kinds) of roaches you’re dealing with, they will thoroughly inspect your property for nesting sites and apply the proper treatment.

Cockroaches are so common here in the greater Phoenix area that control often requires consistent inspection, access denial/exclusion and treatment. Roaches are persistent pests, so you should know what to expect after one our cockroach treatments, which will vary depending on the type of roach. A german cockroach infestation can take months to gain control, while control can be achieved more quickly for the other species. You will generally notice an increase in cockroach activity after the first treatment. This is because we are flushing-out the cockroaches as we treat where they hide, nest and breed. Control generally takes several treatments with ongoing inspection and treatments to maintain control. No matter what, our technicians will let you know what type of roach you’re dealing with and what you can expect with your specific situation.

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General Pest

Scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitos, and ants. Whatever your pest problem we will fully diagnose your home structure, determine the source of the problem, and eliminate the unwanted intruders.


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