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Ants: 3 Ways To Keep Them Out!

Nobody likes ants roaming around their home. They get into cupboards, they wander around kitchen counter tops looking for little tidbits, and after scavenging in the grime under the fridge they decide it’s time to walk all over your freshly made sandwiches. Most people get rid of these pesky little visitors by spraying them with … Continue reading “Ants: 3 Ways To Keep Them Out!”

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Weed Control Service For Your Lawn

It takes time and effort to force the weeds out of your lawn, but it is possible. Pulling, digging, chopping and cutting weeds will succeed slowly, but it is far easier to zap on a layer of herbicides. Both methods are successful, but each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately, weed control service comes … Continue reading “Weed Control Service For Your Lawn”

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Top Tips For Home Pest Control In Arizona

It’s easy to forget about home pest control in Arizona during the warmer months of the year when you don’t notice as much rodent or insect activity. While you may not see the critters very often, they’re still out there. Every year, 21 million homes in the United States suffer rodent invasions alone. Maintaining proper … Continue reading “Top Tips For Home Pest Control In Arizona”

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5 Natural Ways to Stop Winged Ants

Dealing with winged ants in or around your home’s exterior? Worried warmer weather will bring more of these pesky insects inside your home? While booking an appointment with a reliable pest control company is advisable if you have an ant infestation, there are easy ways you can prevent an infestation in the first place. Check … Continue reading “5 Natural Ways to Stop Winged Ants”

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Organic Gardening Pest Control

Interest in organic gardening has grown rapidly over the last few years. As consumers become more conscious of the health risks associated with chemical pollutants, the gardening trend has turned toward natural products to control harmful garden pests. While organic pesticides are generally safer than traditional chemical bug killers, they still present some risk. Using … Continue reading “Organic Gardening Pest Control”

DIY Pest Control

DIY Pest Control; Get Into Bird Feeding

Bird watching is already among the top hobbies of Americans, as well as people all over the world. It’s easy, it’s free, it’s educational, and it’s DIY pest control. The biggest challenge that bird watching involves is actually finding the birds. Luckily, there’s a simple solution: bring the birds to you. Here are five reasons … Continue reading “DIY Pest Control; Get Into Bird Feeding”

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Stop Wasps from Building Nests At Home

As winter slowly begins to give way to the warm breezes and the sunshine of spring, visions of outdoor activities begin filling the minds of many. Unfortunately, those visions may fail to include nature’s pesky stinging creatures that also enjoy the warm months of the season. Among the more aggressive, and painful, of these insects … Continue reading “Stop Wasps from Building Nests At Home”