Message From Cummings Termite & Pest President

2020 is shaping up to be an interesting year due to a maelstrom of economic, political, and public health events that have us glued to the news as we continually search for more accurate and pointed answers among a cacophony of talking heads.  While the citizens of the United States are no strangers to a bit of turmoil, we value our safety, security and (above all else) freedoms and prefer to maintain a balance of all three.  I want to take a few words to address our approach as the country works through the COVID-19 (Wuhan/Coronavirus) outbreak and how Cummings Termite & Pest takes the value of safety seriously.

We are, after all, directly tied into public health.  Our job is to make sure your environment is safe and healthy, comfortable to live in.  It is what we do best.  In order to be the best, we must meet a very high expectation of safety.  This is true whether addressing the products we use around the home, addressing potentially harmful  pest activity in the home, or (in this case) taking behavioral measures to ensure we are meeting that expectation.  Balance must be achieved between the safety of our employees and you, our customer, whilst meeting the expectation of the service we provide.  Technicians all have access to the appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, shoe covers) and each vehicle is outfitted with soap and water.  However, this is not new, these items have always been a part of making sure our technicians are safe and able to keep themselves healthy so they can make multiple stops each day and walk every account providing the attention necessary.

Concerning our customers, if you traditionally invite us into the home to treat, you always have the option of an exterior-only treatment should you feel more comfortable with our technicians remaining on the outside during this time.  Your service will include a warranty against activity on both the interior and exterior regardless.  We will even return once this period of uncertainty has passed should you want us to come back and address the inside of your home.  Our office staff has been trained to field your questions and your technicians are ready to accommodate your requests as we all work together to provide you with the caliber of service you have expected of us over all these years.

We appreciate your patronage and all of us here are humbled by your continued loyalty.  Be well, and God Bless.

Nathan D. Watters, President