Rodent Control

Rodent Control ScottsdaleDamage and disease: two of the strongest arguments to keep rodents from populating your attic or crawlspace. Left unchecked, rodents will leave urine and feces strewn about the areas they frequent, gnaw on doors, plants, and carpeting. The most ambitious of them will gnaw through drywall to maneuver into other rooms. Restaurant soda lines are at risk of being chewed just as residential cable lines in your home and rats will remove large amounts of insulation from your wall to make a nest in your attic. Rodent control provided by Cummings is your answer.

These scenarios are achieved due to the highly adaptable nature of rodents. They have the ability to cognitively interact with their surroundings and are inherently wary of unfamiliar objects. Understanding the rodent’s abilities is what makes us the best suited and prepared company to rid your home or business of these unwanted critters.

By recognizing rodent strengths and weaknesses, our program aims to methodically and timely remove rats and mice from the premise. These programs are each tailored to specific circumstances; our inspector will visit your site and provide you professional recommendations.

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