Rodent Control Scottsdale

Whether you have a sneaking suspicion or you’ve actually seen evidence of their visits, professional rodent control Scottsdale is the best way to get a mouse or rat problem under control. Nobody wants to deal with the unpleasant reality of creatures running through their home. Not only do many people feel uncomfortable at the mere thought of a rogue mouse or rat, but these pests can cause serious damage to your home’s structure.

Rodents often chew on electrical wiring, resulting in expensive repairs and putting your home in danger. The droppings left behind can also carry diseases which are easily transmittable to both humans and pets. To add insult to injury, rodents breed quickly, allowing their numbers to multiply exponentially in just a short time.

Work with a Trained Rodent Expert

Unfortunately, spotting a single mouse or rat generally means you have a colony of them nearby. At Cummings Termite & Pest, we employ numerous techniques to reduce the size of the colony and keep your home protected.

All of our extermination specialists undergo extensive training to learn how rodents operate. These little animals are extremely flexible and adapt to diverse living situations easily. This makes it imperative to work with an expert in rodent control Scottsdale. We will identify the problem and create a master plan for getting the issue in check.

Our Team’s Success Rate is Unbeatable

We don’t make big promises we can keep; we’ve been helping Arizona property owners to rid their homes of pests since 1972. In that time, we’ve helped eradicate even the largest rat and mouse populations, and we’re equipped to do the same in your home. Don’t let a rat or mouse problem spin out of control in your attic or walls. Instead, choose our rodent control Scottsdale and let our team keep you protected.