Fighting for the top spot of the most feared pest in Arizona, the scorpion creates a lot of stress for residents in the Valley. It is a creature of hundreds of millions of years of evolution, resulting in a robust pest that can at times be difficult to control. Ever resilient, a bark scorpion can live within the walls of your home for months without food or water under proper conditions. Once on the move, they readily climb your walls and ceilings. Cummings provides first rate scorpion treatment.

Fortunately, years of experience and observation have given us the upper hand in the battle against the scorpion. We take into account not only products designed to retire scorpions, but also mechanical barriers that prevent them from entering your home. It is important to entertain several methods of control when addressing scorpions, because sometimes even one scorpion is too many.

 Though the scorpion sting is not often medically pertinent, its effect can be greater on small children, elderly people, and highly sensitive individuals.


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