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Scorpions: Glow in the Dark Pets!

Weird as it may seem, these little creatures actually glow in the dark! Scorpions have a fluorescent chemical in their cuticle and will glow when exposed to ultraviolet light (a black light). Now, what other pet comes with that kind of distinctive feature? That’s impressive, but can you really have a scorpion as a pet? … Continue reading “Scorpions: Glow in the Dark Pets!”

Bark Scorpions: How to Get Rid Them

Bark scorpions are not overly friendly creatures. These scorpions, native of Arizona can live for up to 6 years. Some people react badly to bark scorpion stings, which can require a hospital visit. Clearing your home, garage, and other spaces of these unwanted visitors can be challenging, but these common, inexpensive methods work well. Removing … Continue reading “Bark Scorpions: How to Get Rid Them”